Funko Pop Mystery Box

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Funko Pop! Mystery Box


Each FUNKO POP MYSTERY BOX comes with three (3) Funko Pop! vinyl figures.  These figures are completely random and we guarantee that there will be no duplicates per box. 

Every box is guaranteed to have at least one (1) exclusive Funko Pop! vinyl figure.  Some boxes may contain up to 3 exclusives!  Exclusive Funko Pop! vinyl figures include, but are not limited to hard-to-find VAULTED pops, rare CHASE variants, hard-to-find CONVENTION EXCLUSIVES, and your favorite STORE EXCLUSIVES. 

All Mystery Box Funko Pop! vinyl figures come with an extra durable Pop Protector Case with 0.7mm thickness which will provide added protection.

Each box also comes with an exclusive Discount Coupon that will allow you to save $$$ off your next purchase!

Give it a shot!  It's a great way to get those rare and hard-to-find Funko Pop! vinyl figures for cheap!  There are a LIMITED SUPPLY of these mystery boxes and you can buy as many as you like...stock up because once they sell out, they're gone!  Mystery Boxes are final sale.  The mystery boxes and the contents inside them are not returnable and not refundable for any reason.  Again, no returns and no refunds for any reason because that would be like trying to return non-winning lottery tickets!